No+LowCode FOSS

A collection of no-code / low-code free opensource software that gets updated every now and then. For non NoCo/LoCo FOSS have a look at FOSS.

  • Buddibase no-code/low-code site/app builder like GrapesJS (which I admire) except this solution has additional features I have yet to see in any other open source app builder mainly being: Automation or Workflows
  • Snoopforms code or no-code your multi-page form. Pipe your data exactly where you need it. Maximize your results with juicy analytics.
  • OhMyForm Create stunning embedable forms for recruiting, market research, surveys and more.
  • Artgen – No Code Headless CMS – alternative to Directus, Budibase, Nocodb, WordPress, Squarespace
  • ToolJet is an open-source low-code framework to build and deploy internal tools quickly without much effort from the engineering teams. You can connect to your data sources, such as databases (like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, etc), API endpoints (ToolJet supports importing OpenAPI spec & OAuth2 authorization), and external services (like Stripe, Slack, Google Sheets, Airtable) and use our pre-built UI widgets to build internal tools.